Report Cards as a threat to children’s health

Have you ever thought what is happening in ordinary, at first glance, families, after an ordinary school gives written notification of the performance of their pupils? On this day, let it be known the curve of violence against children is all of a sudden spiking up. And this day is Friday. It is a long-standing opinion, in any case, among school teachers, doctors caring for children’s health and experts actively involved to investigate and find solutions to a problem of such importance.

The point

However, matters have reached the point where open voices of discontent of school teachers are now being heard more often associated with the mere fact of sending this kind of written notification as a threat to child health. In any case, according to paediatricians, the fact of the matter is that we cannot abide by such an important and growing developmental challenge.

The relevant state authorities have already confirmed the relationship between child abuse and receiving of the Friday report cards. Moreover, it also transpires that compared with Friday, strongarm methods of upbringing peak on Saturday and reach fourfold. Also, according to monthly peer-reviewed medical journals, researchers found that sending such reports days earlier did not lead to such violence surges.

It would seem that a positive solution to the problem lies just beneath the surface and does not require any conclusions or extraordinary measures. That is, if the root of all evil, for reasons that remain unknown, lay in the only one day of the week called Friday, isn’t it easier to postpone this procedure for Monday or Tuesday?

And yet, the first idea that comes to mind is the end of the week that is marked by the payment of a weekly wage. That is, let us acknowledge that on such a day, some families may go too far in the drinking of alcohol or, even worse, use of narcotic drugs. Or, in the end, children can go for a weekend to one of the houses of parents divorced. Which is also considered acceptable. And we must realize how important is this to us. There is no clear answer to the question, however, at present.

Are the unsatisfactory marks so important in our case?

After all, there are also teacher comments on the behaviour of children, which do not always correspond to the wishes of parents they would like to find in such reports. It is no secret that it is the bad behaviour of children that become the main source for parental frustration.

The principal aim today for improving the situation is to try to have an impact on:

  • teachers;
  • parents;
  • state officials;
  • members of the public

for their joint dialogue in the form of an exchange of ideas aimed at helping a child achieve success.

And it should be noted that the National Education Association is already working on that subject through its representatives visiting locations where school children live and organizing meetings with teachers and parents to collaborate a team of like-minded persons.