Methods for removing pigmented spots on the face

There are many aspects that can make skin tone uneven. These include:

  1. Freckles.
  2. Pigmented spot.
  3. Scars and cicatrix.
pigmented spot

This encourages many people to look for ways to help correct the situation and make the tone of the face lighter and smoother.

Modern manufacturers offer a huge number of products for skin lightening. However, the quality of many of them is questionable and distrustful. You should study the detailed information about the properties and qualities of certain products or their components in order to choose the best one.

Hydroquinone-based creams and serums

Hydroquinone is the most popular bleaching agent, which has passed the certification of the US Drug and Food Administration. It is applied point-by-point by applying to dark pigment spots of the skin.

It is recommended to use the drug for cosmetic purposes with a concentration not higher than 4% and only on the prescription of the attending physician. It is worth noting that in some countries this substance is considered toxic and dangerous.

Experts recommend short-term use of hydroquinone and immediate cessation of its use in the event of rarefaction and other side effects.

Solutions using retinoids

Products based on this component contribute to the faster removal of old skin cells and the formation of new ones. This contributes to the natural alignment of skin tone.

Remember that the products on the basis of the retinoids take several months in order to achieve the desired result. They deprive the skin of moisture and make it more sensitive to the sun, so it is necessary to constantly apply a sunscreen.

Laser therapy

A fairly effective way to get rid of age spots is laser therapy. In this case, the old darkened skin cells are removed by laser action on them.

Regardless of the type of laser therapy, this method of getting rid of pigmentation allows you to achieve skin lightening as quickly as possible. However, there are a number of risks in the laser treatment of pigmentation:

  1. Swelling.
  2. Changes in skin texture.
  3. Redness.
  4. Infection.

Natural ways to lighten the skin

If you do not trust the above methods of getting rid of pigmentation or fear the possibility of side effects, you can use natural products to lighten the skin. Experts say that these products should contain the following compounds:

  1. Pomegranate extract.
  2. Vitamin C.
  3. Liquorice extract.
  4. Beta-carotene.

Remember that before you make a choice in favour of a natural component for skin lightening, you should definitely conduct a sensitivity test and whether you are allergic to its components.

How to avoid the appearance of pigmentation

Any effect on the skin to lighten it somehow has a devastating effect on it. That is why it is necessary to observe measures that will help prevent the appearance of dark spots on the skin.

Be sure to use sun-protective products both to prevent the appearance of pigmentation and after skin lightening procedures, otherwise, the removed spots may return again.