About Us

SkyWest Virtual Airlines was a twinkle in Andrew Conley’s eye for more than a year. However, he did not have the pilots or the staff to be able to run it. With the help of some start-up staff literally pulled in off the street, SkyWest Virtual officially became a virtual airline on August 28, 2012.


Fact Sheet
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Pilot Applications: OPEN

Staff Applications: OPEN

Teamspeak: ONLINE


Our Fleet
CRJ700 (66 passengers)
CRJ700 (65 passengers)
CRJ700 (70 passengers)
EMB 120
Executive Profiles
Andrew Conley

SkyWest Virtual Executive Staff
Here at SkyWest Virtual, we strive to maintain a degree of professionalism. You will not find us flying around F/A-18s on an online server causing mayhem everywhere we go. However, keeping a family atmosphere is one of our main goals. Our hub managers get to know each pilot that applies, whether they are accepted or not.